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Well, I guess we’ve come to the “bio” page where I’m supposed to toot my horn a bit (in 3rd person, of course), and give some exemplary reasons you should find value in what I write, huh?

At the moment, however, I don’t have a whole lot to tell you here about myself.

I suppose I could speak of academic successes and tell you I have ‘this’ degree or ‘that’ degree, or that I possess ‘these’ giftings or ‘those’ talents. I could say I’ve worked x years in ‘this’ industry and had some success for y years in ‘that’ industry.

But I won’t.

I could talk about mentorship by ‘this’ great individual and ‘that’ great individual. I could speak of prophecy, healing, and mental/spiritual giftings.

But I won’t.

I could tell you I’ve experienced ‘this’ challenge or ‘that’ tragedy in my life. I could claim to be grappling with ‘this’ particular suffering, or say that I have dealt successfully with ‘that’ particular situation.

But I won’t.

Not because they wouldn’t be true (but I’m also not saying that they are).

And not because I want to play cat-and-mouse games.

While privacy on the web is just good protocol for safety reasons, and anonymity on the web is more comfortable, if someone really wanted to know, it’s no secret – they could find out … although considering the theme of this site, I doubt that would really serve them.

Some who know me, already know who I am. So that’s not really why either.

So why not then?

To answer that, I pose a different question, “Does it really serve anyone to know?”

Just Words

Because they’re just a few words – labels. Some of them will sound nice to some, and to others, not nice enough. Some of them might describe achievements merited through pure talent. Others might have reflected simply the “acting-out” of who I was taught to be by family, community and world conditioning. And likewise with failures.

l think true value comes from learning experiences and conscious character-building decisions throughout all the circumstances of our lives. These cannot be communicated in a 2-paragraph writeup. I believe a better understanding of who I am can come forth through the spirit of my words and the focus of my articles and websites.

Personally, I feel there’s quite a bit that I could be proud of or talk about, but written here, they would only be words. Because what part of any of it really has anything to do with us right now? What does it really do for you right now?

I mean, yes, the words do signify something, but written here, the details of my history are only outer trappings of what I have done or perhaps even some of how I have shown myself to be – not the essence and reality of who I am. And they certainly don’t tell who I am becoming.

It’s About You

More than that, what I really want to convey is that this site is not about me. Of course, to some extent, it is, as I can only write from my perspective and my current level of understanding. However, at the heart of it, this site is really about YOU.  (If it were only about/for me, I wouldn’t be publishing it online.) It’s about all of us – our souls, our lives, our fears, our challenges, our joys and the things we have in common. It is about spirit becoming free, from the inside out.

So would it really do people much good to have a bias from which to analyze my words? How about simply that I am spirit, with a soul (the energy of my mind, will, and emotions) in a body just like you. That my challenges seem as real to me as yours do to you. That my joys and successes are exciting to me, just like yours are to you. And that my dreams are important to me, just as yours are to you. (And if you forgot how to dream, I’d encourage you to start again.)

It’s about the soul’s journey to freedom. Who cares whose soul it is, or how mixed up it begins if principles, wisdom and truth, when applied, have the power to straighten it out for anyone and everyone?

Earthly Trappings

If my soul wasn’t mixed up enough for some people, they could say, “Well, that’s easy for YOU to say. YOU had an advantage. MY situation is different.”

On the other hand, if my life achievements (summed up in 2 paragraphs, mind you) were not enough to others’ minds, they could just as easily turn a deaf ear saying, “Well, I’ve never had those problems.” Or “WE don’t do things that way.” Or “I’ve achieved much of the same or better, so I’m really not sure this is relevant to MY life.”

Even the people who have known me all my life can feel, “I remember when…” or “I changed your diapers, so what can I really learn here? I have more life experience, so of course, I know better than you.” This isn’t a contest. Yet our ego trappings and life conditioning seem, all too often, to get involved.

Even with someone as wise and gifted as Jesus…  Most of the people who knew Jesus and his background didn’t really know and respect him and benefit from his teachings.  Only new strangers who took the time to really get to KNOW his words and his spirit knew him (Matthew 16:13-17).  Jesus even handpicked his core circle of disciples from a group of strangers.  It is written that he said:

“A prophet is not without honor, except in his own country and in his own house.” (Matthew 13:53-58; Luke 4:22-27)

(In some circles, it is casually referred to as “the sin of familiarity”.  In that sense, and for the purposes of this site, it is perhaps in everyone’s best interest that we not get distracted by “mixing business with pleasure”.)

Are these not all simply outward trappings that have a tendency to distract us from the real things in life? And from the deeper intangible principles lying beneath all our different individual “MATTERs”?

Right now, the real focus is on developing our quality of life on every level, starting wherever we happen to be, regardless of age, culture, education, religion, tradition, handicap or advantage. We all have different circumstances, but at our core, as much as it may be hard to believe sometimes, we are very much the same. We all have the same basic needs. And principles work the same for (or against – depending which side we choose to be on) all of us.

Spirit and Life

This site is about attaining freedom, wholeness and pure joy, individually and corporately. It’s about the SOUL’s journey, not just mine.

It’s about YOU and whether the words I speak have any significance to YOU – to your soul. It’s about the WORDS. It’s about if they have any value and place in YOUR life – if they help increase YOU. Do they help make sense of some things in your life? Do they cause you to think about things differently, perhaps encourage you to explore new ideas – new ways of looking at things? Do they cause you to expand your borders and gain more wisdom, understanding, hope, freedom? Or maybe point to potential solutions you might not have noticed?

“It is the spirit that quickens (gives life); the flesh profits nothing. The WORDS that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” (John 6:63)

This can only come from the spirit of the words themselves and how you interpret and apply them in your own life … which is why I try to deal with ideas of spirit and, more importantly, principles. Because ideas can be communicated and principles don’t change. They are experienced the same across the board.

Judging by Appearances

Do we not, as human beings, generally have a tendency to judge one another, fail to understand one another, not really hear one another, and refuse to learn from one another because of perceived differences? But why is this? Isn’t it that we have problems processing because things don’t fit with our established frames of reference? In other words, “This doesn’t look like what I know, or how I know it to be.”

Perhaps we should consider adjusting these lenses, and not trusting our immediate interpretations, so we can see and process new ideas and different ways more clearly.

Or sometimes it’s because of perceived sameness. “Oh, he’s just like me. Why should I listen to what he says? What can I learn from him?” In those cases, could it be that we don’t really trust or think well enough of ourselves?

Expanding our consciousness beyond the automatic judgment of appearances based on our subjective personal experiences would likely give us more awareness, options, expansion, understanding and inner freedom.

“Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.” (John 7:24)

Not that anyone’s THAAAAT interested in a bio from me – I think we’ve moved past that expectation – but I think I’m writing this rather lengthy discourse to express an idea – the preeminence of spirit over the flesh. So I continue…

It could be argued that giving a proper bio would give readers more to identify with, because they could then see me a certain way, and that this could only help to convey the message. Yes, this is true. But then are you sure that whatever perception gleaned from the bio, that would have this effect, could not also be a mistake in interpretation in the opposite direction, or an overestimation of what my history or accomplishments actually mean in terms of credibility and merit?

Earn It

I mean I know what I personally think about it. If I felt I didn’t have anything of value to contribute, I wouldn’t make the effort. But it must be recognized that people can have all types of credentials, and present themselves well, yet have character and integrity as thin as tissue paper. And people can have long resumes, with everything on it, but how involved were they? Did they master these things or just participate? The data is inconclusive, yet still it is human nature to be swayed by a few facts, albeit out of truly-meaningful context.

Therefore, it would seem to me at this particular stage, that the less anyone tries to interpret or identify with any particular aspect of my human personality and experience, the greater the potential for a clearer perspective when reading the articles, the less biased your own soul as you encounter the words, and the greater the ability to eventually actually get to know me, even as we better get to know ourselves.

I’ve led a relatively quiet life. At this time, I have no particular celebrity status to really speak of, so I suppose this is as much an experiment for me as it is for you. Is what I write insightful or helpful to you in any way? I think that’s the real question. IF this work, through unpretentious sincerity, ends up genuinely touching and helping folks, and once people get to know me over time by my spirit and what I share, THEN maybe – MAYBE – it’ll be time for a proper bio with a few labels relevant to this work … MAYBE.

No Boxes Please

Besides, I wouldn’t want to limit myself and promote myself to you ‘this’ way or ‘that’ way, because then you mightn’t know what to make of me should I, in some instance, choose to show up any ‘other’ way. You could think I’m going right, and I end up on the left. Then what? Like Chaka Khan said (although I’m not sure if she said it first), “I’m every woman. It’s all in me.” So now you know I’m a female (well, at least in this life, on this earth, in this body) … TODAY …………………………………  :D – ok, just having fun.

I imagine a handful of you thinking, “Yeah, some of what you’re saying is kinda how I think too.” Others are saying, “Ok, I get where you’re coming from.” But I’m guessing probably more are thinking, “Ohh-Kaaay, she’s a nut.” Or maybe just “Hmm… that’s a bit much, but it’s an interesting way of looking at things.” If so, I can fully understand this, and I ask you to please bear with my folly … in addition to my run-on sentences, comma addiction, sentence fragments, and often colloquial tone. (A more spontaneous, face-to-face style just feels more personal and down-to-earth.)

To be serious, yes, I do have a nutty side, but I do have some consistency in my life. And no, I’m not a “nut” – just a bit unconventional is all. However, if you can let the SPIRIT of my WORDS reach you on the INSIDE (perhaps even practice some of them), then YOU can determine what merits you feel they have for yourself.

Hope that all made sense.

A Side Note

To be candid, though, and not to seem TOO mysterious, I suppose if I had to give a few phrases to describe myself, I’d say I’m somewhat unconventional, freedom-oriented, blessed and in awe of life, generally happy, friendly [Leo moon], well-intended; somewhat shy, sensitive and reserved/private [Scorpio sun]; yet also outgoing and direct (?? – go figure [must be my Aries rising] – perhaps because I’m well-intended).

… Oh, and kinda deep – a philosopher of sorts – curious and often thinking (sometimes, perhaps too much). I enjoy a good amount of reading, quiet time and contemplation, as that’s where I find the inspiration, insight and joy that carries me. I want what’s best for me and everyone else. I place a premium on integrity, sincerity, wisdom, understanding, excellence, good will and growth. And I LOVE.
Quite a few words just to say that, huh? ;)

Thanks for taking the time. I look forward to knowing you…

In Spirit and in Truth,


“Therefore from now on, we regard no one according to the flesh.”
(2 Corinthians 5:16)

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