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Community Home Open House

Well, our Boundless Abundance Lifestyles community home is now furnished and functional (well, the basics anyway). So feel free to take a look around. Don’t forget to check out our BAL Community Page. If you like it, join the community. Give a shout. Say “what’s up”. Maybe visit other readers’ and community members’ MyBlogLog profiles while you’re there.

So now that the infrastructure is more or less in place, I’m back to writing. Thanks for your patience.

To begin, I’ll primarily be writing for IWannaGetFree. IWannaGetFree will form the foundation of this work. From time to time you will also see posts for comment on Boundless Abundance Lifestyles, Boundless Love and Ever-Present Abundance.



At IWGF, thoughts build on previous thoughts. Therefore, this site is meant to be read from the beginning, starting with the top menu page Home/Freedom and moving from the earliest post in the Archives forward.

Inspirational/Relaxing Music and Insightful Reading

If you find this site helpful, please consider supporting this work to help me keep supporting you and our communities.

I Wanna Get Free - Heal Your Life is given in close association with our Boundless Abundance Lifestyles blog and community. Be sure to stop by.

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