Divine Order

“Let all things be done decently and in order.” (1 Corinthians 14:40)

All things flow well and function best in the presence of order. That is why when the soda machine is not working properly, they put a sign on it that says, “Out of Order”.

Order Produces Efficiency and Good Results

If every part of the soda machine (and the machine’s management) did its part efficiently according to plan, the machine would function properly and fulfill its purpose, the customers would get what they wanted, the machine (and management) would make money, and everyone would be happy.

If maintenance tries to fix the machine and there’s one part that just doesn’t want to work properly no matter how much she tries to adjust it, she has to put it aside and replace it with another working part, so the whole machine will run properly.

When maintenance removes the non-functioning part from the machine, it’s clearly not personal. It wouldn’t make sense for her to allow the one dis-orderly part to keep the whole machine “Out of Order” and ruin the entire operation.

But… maybe she would keep it in her toolkit, and try it again after a period of time on a different machine, or when she’s out of brand new spare parts. Who knows? Maybe then it would work properly. Maybe it just needed a rest, some time, some adjusting, fine-tuning, oiling, etc…

Order is a necessity for harmony and progress.

If people chose not to obey traffic signals at busy intersections, there would be confusion, chaos, accidents, and lots of unnecessary pain and expense.

House Rules

We respect and care about every single individual here. We welcome every user, and honor everyone for their light within. We want to encourage that flame in everyone here, the author included. That said, …

Order is the first rule of godliness (the essence of all that God is).

As much as I don’t want to want to put a damper on things or sound like a stiff-butt…

Because this site is geared to people of various ages and stages of emotional and spiritual development, I do need to set some guidelines beforehand, for the good of all, so we can all get along in harmony, operate as one, and thereby increase one another.

These are meant to protect everyone, so that everything will work smoothly, and each individual will have an opportunity to share and grow unhindered.


Do unto others what you would have others do unto you.

“Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 7:12)

I’m sure this won’t be a problem for us, because I’m convinced of positive things of you all. Nevertheless, as much as I’d would have preferred to avoid it, we never know who may appreciate the benefit of hearing it.

So to be sensitive and fair, I have to put it out there in advance:

  1. My parents had a sign up at home, when we were little, that read, “Be Positive or Be Quiet” . There’s a lot of wisdom in that. I try to live it. Let us all be conscious of being respectful of others when posting comments. People appreciate posts much more:

    • when our attitude is positive
    • when we affirm rather than tear down others
    • when our comments contribute constructively to the topic of discussion

    We can disagree without making it personal or being disagreeable.

  1. Blatant disrespect and foul/aggressive language toward any other member will not be tolerated. Any such posts will be deleted.
  2. Subtly abusive, mal-intended and sarcastic, and passive-aggressive posts will also be edited or deleted at moderator discretion.
  3. Should any user persist with this behavior, the user risks having his or her username and IP blocked.

Abuse will not be tolerated.

What I’ve written above may not apply to you specifically, but:

Life corrects us, and many times that’s the hard way. It would be better and far easier to take respectful correction online anonymously, and to learn from it, than to be ruthlessly brought to your knees somewhere along the line out in “the real world”.

Again I doubt we’ll have this situation.

It should be remembered that we care about everyone – none of this is personal. Just as in life, if we choose to abuse our freedom, it will be taken from us. On the other hand, if we choose to express ourselves responsibly and helpfully, our freedom of self-expression will more likely be affirmed, as others will desire to hear more from us. It’s always all up to us.

Principle: In order to be appreciated and get what we need, everyone else also needs to be allowed to get what they need.

Differences in Perception & Articulation

Clear communication is so key to understanding. Yet it can be so tricky sometimes, that I do think it’s worth pointing out a few things.

Even when people attempt to do to others what they would have others do to them, there can still be misunderstandings because different people perceive and understand things in different ways.

Some people are more direct than others, and wish that people would be direct with them, so they may express themselves more directly than others are comfortable with.

Some people are more sensitive than others, and will try to be painstakingly kind, so they may take offense to more direct speech.

Some are shyer than others and/or may have more trust issues and, as a result, they may not be as forthcoming, or when they actually do make efforts to speak up, they may do so without polish.

Therefore it may take some patience and an extra non-judgmental effort to understand what people are really trying to express.

Some people are naturally more articulate and polished at communicating with others. Others have learned painstakingly over time and/or are still learning (that would be me, lol). Still others just want to be heard, and don’t realize the effect their words are having (yep, that could be me too – at times).

I suppose we all have fallen into all of these categories at one time or another (I know I have). I wouldn’t doubt we all have had the experience of feeling misunderstood, as well.

Good Communication for An Enjoyable Experience

For this reason, to help facilitate a more enjoyable experience for everyone, here are some guidelines to consider for smoother communications:

  • Expect the best side and the best efforts of people to come out in life, but especially here in our Boundless Abundance family.
  • Affirm the positive when possible.
  • Be quick to listen and understand what is being expressed, and slow to speak.
  • Be slow to take personal offense, and slow to anger.
  • Roll anything dubious around in your mind and consider different angles of interpretation.
  • Ask for clarity when necessary, perhaps explaining how the message is coming across to you and maybe how it is making you feel (because it really may not be intentional, or you may just be misunderstanding).
  • Respect that everyone has a right to their opinion and way of viewing things, and that different doesn’t necessarily mean worse.
  • Don’t add fuel to a fire; instead defuse it by not giving it your energy.
  • Be as rational as possible. Let out all steam and release negative energies (preferably AWAY from the keyboard, LOL) BEFORE typing a response, in order to be as constructive as possible (knowing that whatever energy we harbor and send out to another is the same energy that will come back to us and manifest in our world [even after we get off the computer] because it’s in us).
  • Accept one another as unique individuals, each with our own God-given positive purpose to discover/cultivate/express – individuals who are worthy of respect and love – individuals who are growing and on our way, but just haven’t arrived yet.

Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding.

Whew! Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, onward and upward to bigger, better and brighter things!

To read I Wanna Get Free – Heal Your Life from the beginning, start at the bottom of the Archives and work your way forward.

Respectfully yours,


Please Note: The above was written for use with comments enabled or our own forum. The message on our Members page will help explain why we do not have commenting on IWannaGetFREE at this time.  Nevertheless, these guidelines are still a standard for interacting with each other across all of our Boundless Abundance websites.
You are valued.  Thank you for being here. :)

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