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Do You Read Backwards?

Do you read backwards?

With most blogs, unless the blog owner changes it, ‘next’ or “>>” moves to the next post in the past while ‘previous’ or “<<” moves back toward the future.

Kinda counterintuitive… until you get used to the idea that since it is a blog, you probably started from the most recent post… so then the ‘next’ one would be the ‘next’ most recent.

For most blogs, if they are daily-or-so “web logs,” I suppose that works… in a “bloggish” sort of way.

This blog, however, is a bit different. It is not a log of current events and ideas as they occur to me based on what’s happening this week. While there will be some of that here as well, the overall picture is that this is primarily a progressively reasoned piece of work. (At least that is how it is starting out.) One thought builds on previous thoughts.

Therefore this blog was meant to be read “backwards” … or, to be more clear, this blog is meant to be read from the beginning. The rationale for this is covered in more depth here, in Getting the Most from This Site.

So just a heads up:

The ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ arrows on this particular blog have been rearranged to make offline, real-time sense. Previous moves towards the past in real time, and Next moves towards the future.  You can start with the earliest post, and keep clicking the ‘Next’ arrows to move toward the most recent post.

Now that we’ve got that sorted out…

If you want to start from the beginning, or to pick up where you left off, visit our Archives, and guess what? Start from the BOTTOM, LOL. Kinda backwards, huh? :D

Happy reading! :)



At IWGF, thoughts build on previous thoughts. Therefore, this site is meant to be read from the beginning, starting with the top menu page Home/Freedom and moving from the earliest post in the Archives forward.

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