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This page turned out to be longer than I had originally intended, so please pardon the length. Understanding and clear communication are key. I wanted to be as clear as I could possibly be.

I do this in a sincere effort to clear up any potential misunderstandings before we start, so that everyone will be able to read with an open mind and a clearer perspective. I want everyone to have the best experience possible.

Principles Don’t Change

This is not the type of blog that keeps you up to date with the happenings of any industry, so while the current articles may be of interest, all prior articles will remain relevant.

Based on the premise that unseen Principle lies behind everything we see in life, much of the content is inspired not so much by trends and current events as it is by ideas, ways of thinking and being, and solid principle. Therefore, many of the articles should have as much practical value five years later as they ever had.

Start from the Beginning

Since blog-formatted sites list posts in descending order, the best way to read this site is backwards, LOL. There may be the occasional rogue post or article from time to time, but for the most part, I Wanna Get Free is a cumulative work.  It is written with a cohesive purpose, so thoughts and series of thoughts will tie into each other or gradually end up building upon one another.

So I’d suggest reading the current article/page first. Then start from the very first article we’ve written and read up to the current day. Each time you visit, read the current article, and then pick up where you left off in the past.

I heard a wise man teach that unless we understand the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable. Without understanding a thing’s purpose and the instructions for its proper use, we lack the ability to use it in the most productive manner, and we fail to get the greatest positive yield from it. (We fail due to lack of understanding.)

In order to understand the purpose of anything, we need to go to the beginning – its creation.

Getting to know I Wanna Get Free from the beginning will give you the benefit of foundations laid in earlier articles, which will help facilitate the integration of later articles, collectively.

This will enable you make up your mind about what you think having all the information. You’ll be “in-the-know” and empowered to consider current articles with greater scope and perspective.

The Value of Choosing a Purposeful Screenname

Acknowledge your strengths, and break out of your limitations. What is your highest vision of yourself? What magnificence or excellence do you feel you were put here to express on earth? What special part of yourself do you want to share with the world? What sense of positive purpose drives you? If you don’t know, ask yourself.

Some time ago, I did some research on the significance and meaning of names. In many ways, names define the nature of a thing. Names have meanings. Names also have vibrations. Both of these create. Whatever you call a thing, that is what it will become to you.

Here’s a very practical example: When you call a child bad, a devil, or a monster, you bring out his monstrous side. He begins to believe he’s a monster. Besides, what motivation does he have to behave and be productive, so he can feel better about himself? He’s getting more attention being a monster, so that becomes his sense of uniqueness – his sense of identity.

But it goes beyond that. In order to become anything, we have to first identify with it and see and feel ourselves as it. So what positive expression do you believe in, feel called to or wish to take on? Call yourself that. Online, have others call you that. Then every time they address you by name, they are prophesying to who are and to who you are becoming.

Of course, you are free to choose any non-offensive screenname you wish to use on any of our Boundless Abundance websites, but while a name like “krazykat” (and I just picked that one out of the air) may seem cool or cute on the surface, does it have any positive potential or sense of purpose in it? “Krazy” denotes chaos and confusion. That is just not the energy I want to manifest in my life. I don’t want to go crazy. I also don’t want my life going crazy around me.

Someone might say, “But I am crazy.” Ok, well then I would ask you to think about that for a moment. Do you feel it serves you? I mean, on the surface level it may seem to serve you because of the effect you feel you might have on people. I mean, who wants to feel they’re just like everyone else? I personally don’t, but I don’t think I’d choose that name. Does it really serve you? Is that your best part, or the part you really want to feel, accentuate and express? Is that who and how you really want to be? Think about it and then decide.

I am coming to understand that we have the choice to create/re-create ourselves as our highest idea of ourselves. If you think you actually are a bit crazy, but it doesn’t really serve you, then that might be even more reason not to use that name, but rather a name that brings the joy and peace of harmony and balance. Accentuate traits that you wish most to express.

It doesn’t have to be a deep, profound name. We can start small. A child, for instance, may not think of anything else but playing baseball. Day and night baseball is on his mind. Well then “BabeRuth” might be a screenname that inspires him to be the best he can be.

Someone else may wish to be or see him/herself as a “straight-A” student, or a responsible parent, or a loving spouse, or a community leader, or a healer/nurturer. What are your positive strengths? What are your highest visions of yourself? What personal expression of yourself would feel most worthwhile and fulfilling to you on the inside?

Also worth considering is the image your name paints of you.  When you comment, would you like to be taken seriously, as being a reasonable and worthwhile person whose feelings and views are worthy of respect and consideration?  The type of name you choose will likely tell others something about who – you are, how you see yourself, or what is important to you.

We want to encourage each other to reach our highest potential here. That’s a process that doesn’t usually happen overnight, but it helps if we start moving in the right direction. So it’s a wise to choose your screenname with care, become conscious of it (feel it), and wear it with honor and purpose.

One Step at a Time

I realize that some ideas posted will be new to some people. Even when we agree with new ideas, positive changes in life can sometimes be challenging to make. But don’t be discouraged. Just keep going. Keep seeking. Keep learning. Keep acting on what you learn. That’s how we move from just hearing about it, to truly understanding it and knowing it personally for ourselves.

Keep acting on the highest and best you know in faith believing that God, the inspiring Spirit within you whose reach spans everywhere, will meet you there, and bring you along the most productive path to your vision. We must all crawl before we walk. But eventually we walk.

“For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little.” (Isaiah 28:10)

Something for Everyone

On the other hand, some of you may feel these ideas and principles to be intuitive. If they strike you as obvious and come second nature to you, I ask you to be patient. Everything is written and presented for the benefit of whomever it will inspire, however it will inspire them.

The Bible advises us to “Be not high-minded, but condescend to men of lower estate.” In that spirit, this site is meant to speak not only to the mature, but to a wide range of minds at various levels of mental, emotional and spiritual understanding and maturity (including youth, and possibly even some children).

So you could choose to read it, process what it means to you in it’s simplicity, and just move on.

All Truths are Parallel

It is worth noting, however, that because all truths are parallel, a single truth can be applied to or manifest among multiple levels of experience. Since our understanding of the truth of any principle deepens and integrates into our character as we incorporate more and more knowledge and experience into our lives, I’d challenge the mature to look deeper still for any further meaning the words might have for even you.

Sometimes we miss something that truly is for us by thinking it seems too simple, too obvious; but if we look a little deeper… Taking the time to roll it over in our minds, and asking ourselves about the deeper implications of ideas, can only help fine-tune our current understanding, and increase us from within.

Shelf It

“We know in part and we prophesy in part.” I can only share out of the cup of my own experiences, challenges, wisdom, training, meditation, insight, self-work and self-discovery. From my vision – the view from where I sit. And the landscape changes frequently as I grow and change.

Sometimes what I share may come across as deep wisdom as from an eagle high in the sky with a keen eye and a large overview. Other times I will present my own untested, evolving ideas, research and questions from where I sit here on earth. (After all, I haven’t “arrived” yet. Still learning, still healing, still growing.)

If any part helps you to clarify your own thoughts and beliefs, and build your life for the better, take that and use it. Some of what you read may make you think twice about some things. Some of what you read will resonate with you. Some of it may not. In fact, you may totally disagree with some of what you read. Maybe it’s not for now, or maybe it’s just not for you. Maybe it’s for someone else. If so it might be helpful to just read past it, and find that which is helpful to you.

If something stirs within you while reading – if it inspires you and bears witness with your spirit – if it sparks in you some insight, some joy, some new avenue of thought, questioning or understanding, go with it, explore it. Give thanks for it, meditate on it, practice it and see where it takes you.

I’ve found perception, interpretation, illusion and reality to be sneaky, slippery escape artists as consciousness shifts and evolves. For a simple example, just look at some of M.C. Escher’s artwork. (my favorite artist)

So if something doesn’t resonate with you, rather than condemn it and completely discard what doesn’t seem to fit at the moment, I’d encourage you to try to keep an open mind. Observe it, take what you can use, and just put the rest aside on a shelf in the back of your mind. You never know if it will come in handy one day. You could reach a point on your journey through life where it’s just the thing you need to make sense out of something or to get through a situation in your life.

Not PC

I should tell you in advance: I am respectful of all people. I am tolerant of everyone’s need to make up their own mind and make their own choices, and I generally love everyone the same. I try not to harp on what appears to be going wrong in the world, but rather to focus on, appreciate and further that which is right. I can flow with the times…

…but I won’t claim to be “politically correct”. I believe that while we may have the ability or even the right and freedom to do things, unfortunately, not all things are expedient or constructive for ease of positive growth – individually, nor as a people. So from where I sit, if we want to be wise and come out on top, there are going to be principles and universal laws in life of which we’ll want to be aware, study, understand and with which to align ourselves.

The foundation of this site is that Principle lies behind and governs everything we see and experience in life. Principles don’t change from generation to generation with societal opinion, trends, norms and forms.

For instance, there is nothing “politically correct” about the Law of Gravity. It simply is. Through every generation, it’s the same. If we don’t like it, we can choose to ignore it and go against it, but it isn’t going to change. We can take the time and resources to learn to transcend Gravity with the Law of Lift (eg. airplanes), but the Law of Gravity isn’t going to change.  It will bring you down. (And I’m willing to bet that every single one of us would want to know this before going up to the roof, lol.   So I’m sorry if you don’t like something you read.  I’m not perfect, and I’m still learning, but I’m sharing and doing my best.  So in the event you find you don’t like something I write, by all means feel free to ignore it, but I cannot apologize for sharing if it could help someone.)

Gravity doesn’t care how you choose to appease or acknowledge it. It treats everyone the same. It doesn’t care if you justify why you do whatever you do. And it doesn’t care whether you call it Gravity, All That Grounds Us, That Which Holds Us Down, or the Spirit of Heaviness. If you violate the Law and choose to walk off a building, it will treat you the same as anyone else – yesterday, today, and forever. (Now if we learn to transcend the law, that’s an entirely different story, but we can’t even think about “graduating” to that point by violating it.)

Sound Doctrine

Similarly, some may not feel my articles are “theologically correct” (if I may coin a term). I describe God/Spirit/Mind/Divine Principle/First Cause in different ways – sometimes with scientific terminology, sometimes with “Christian-speak”, and sometimes with new age phraseology. I can’t possibly use the terminology everyone wants to hear ALL the time. But I am speaking to everyone and, I believe that for the most part, the principles are sound.

The purpose is to present multiple ways of looking at things, so that they begin to make sense from different angles, and most of all so we can begin applying helpful principles on a larger scale in our lives and throughout the community.

Principles/Laws (be they lower/seen/physical or higher/unseen/metaphysical) can be experienced, known and described many ways, and through a variety of experiences, but they don’t change.

Likewise, I will be presenting concepts with a variety of different words, but the underlying principle is and remains the same. So I ask you all not to be put off by the form of my words. Instead I challenge you to find in them the greater principle that you can resonate with, that will help you to transform your life.

It is important that we all understand and learn to operate by godly principles/laws of life if we want to be free and whole. And unless everyone can relate to my speech and analogies, they won’t hear the message. Hence, I use different terms to describe much of the same idea.

To My People on All Paths

To my atheists, agnostics and those of various faiths and practices:

I encourage you to stick around and be patient with the ideas and views espoused. I may quote other scriptures, texts and figures at random, but you’ll probably find that I refer to Biblical scripture far and wide as I’m most familiar with it. However, I think you’ll probably also come to find that I don’t do it legalistically, dogmatically, nor superstitiously.

I refer to Biblical scripture often because its principles make up a foundation that has helped me throughout life, and because it inspires me tremendously. There’s value in the literal laws and words, but when we are willing to look beyond the literal “letter of the law”, and if we can discern the teachings spiritually, I’ve found there to be so much that is of life-changing, transcendental value.

Therefore, I write with the basic assumption that there are priceless Universal Truths found in the Bible simply because they have proven themselves to me in life, time and again.

To my Christian brethren:

Grace and Peace. While I imagine a handful of you may be tempted to take issue with some of the ideas I put forth, if you stick around, and choose not be put off by scientific explanations and “new age-speak”, I believe that in time, you may be pleasantly surprised.

I tend to see our Omni-”scient”, Omni-present. Omni-potent God as All-Science, Present in All everywhere, and Ever Able to move in every environment and age. God is not bound. He’s still moving. I try not to put God into a box, for that would be my own illusion, as He certainly wouldn’t stay there. So I ask you to try to be patient and to keep an open mind as well. We ought not, like the scribes and Pharisees of Jesus’ day, let our “traditions make the word of God of no effect” (Matthew 15:6) or we make ourselves just like them (and we know the things Jesus said to them). We need to meditate on the spirit of the law – the spirit of the word of God and the spirit of the words of Christ and not the letter only.

This website is offered after the example of, and in the name and nature of Christ Jesus. When you look deeper, you will notice that some of it is “spiritually discerned” (2 Corinthians 2:13-16).

If you be Christ’s, and in the Spirit of Christ, you look past the “outward appearance” to the spirit of the words, then I believe that eventually you will discern that all is well. Is there any “spirit and life” in my words? Do they “bear good fruit” (Matthew 7:15-20)?  That is the true test.

When I say this is done in the name of Christ, the name refers to the nature. When we put on Christ Jesus, we put on his Name. As with marriage, we chose to become One and take on the Name and Christ Nature.

Jesus Christ told his disciples not to forbid the one who was casting out devils in his name (after his nature – like he did), but who did not follow Jesus with them. Jesus said to his disciples “he that is not against us is for us”. (Luke 9:49-50)

A More Fulfilling Experience

To ensure a more fulfilling experience, please continue on to Divine Order.

Thank you for your time and attention. Have a wonderful day. :)


SpiritFREE1 SM

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