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Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my site, and THANK YOU :) for stopping by.

I am looking forward to an enlightening experience with you all. I hope to share things that will inspire you, confirm some of your own beliefs, and/or stir up your own inner thought processes for discussion.

If we can do this, as we share here, we will encourage one another. And as we encourage each other, we can use the positive energies and enlightened ways of thinking, to heal our lives.

As we heal our lives, everyone will be happier and more prosperous. Yes, we can make a difference in the lives of others as well, because we will become positive catalysts for good in each of our individual families and communities…and even the world at large!

Please be patient with me, though. Everything is not all up yet. This is a work of love in progress. Well, I gotta start somewhere. Feel free to bookmark … and check in often.

Again, welcome, and thank you for coming. It should be an awesome experience!

One Love,


At IWGF, thoughts build on previous thoughts. Therefore, this site is meant to be read from the beginning, starting with the top menu page Home/Freedom and moving from the earliest post in the Archives forward.

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