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Intro Posts on Boundless Abundance Lifestyles

Hey.  Just a quick heads up.

I just wanted to let you all know that yes, I do still plan on putting a good deal of focus into IWannaGetFREE, but that I started with some introductory posts on Boundless Abundance Lifestyles to kinda start bringing folks together around the ideas of a brighter world.

I believe that we will be able to heal our world by freeing ourselves and healing our individual lives.  I believe that healing the world starts with each person taking care of their spirit, soul and mind, and breaking forth from limitation and the chains that bind us, as well as those that separate us from others in our immediate worlds (home, work, school, etc…)

I think it starts with knowing and understanding universal laws, God and ourselves better.  I believe it will come from mastering ourselves and our relationships with each other on a local level.

This is the purpose of I Wanna Get Free, to liberate mankind to live more empowered, harmonious lives.

All the rest should follow.  It should spread.

As Boundless Abundance is the “community forum” so to speak, I thought it appropriate to begin with some introductory posts there – 1. to introduce the concept and 2. to provide an opportunity for folks to come together around some of these ideas and interact with others who are interested in bettering our lives and our world.

(Fooled ya, didn’t I?  From my last post, I betcha thought I’d have posted here already by now.)

Just kidding. I assure you it wasn’t on purpose.  I’ve got so many ideas and abstract thoughts flying around in my head at one time, I have to take a lot of time to ground them and put them in some logical order that people will understand.

As I’ve said before, I’m just never sure where I’ll be posting next.  One thing that might help keep track of my posts would be to subscribe to my New With Me feed over at MyBlogLog.  It will tell when I post to any of the blogs.

Enjoy your day/evening.   :)

Hasta luego,


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