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Hi people!  :)

At the present time, blog commenting is disabled.  I don’t think this is likely to change.  As I explained here, I believe the intent of this site and the gravity/depth of many of the matters discussed better lend themselves to a forum.

I imagine that it might be nice for us to have a forum in which everyone, as our own sort of little supportive community, could discuss articles and spiritual perspectives.  (Actually,  I don’t even really want to put that idea in your head.)  Unfortunately, I cannot commit to a forum as I have got my hands full (with this work, projects related to this work, my other related sites, life and making a living). I’ve never done this before; I’m new to it. My aim is to give quality.  For me, just preparing to write articles alone takes up a lot of time, and I do not know if/when I’ll find the time/resources to keep up with a forum and moderate the resulting IWannaGetFREE comments and discussions.

As this is a very personal work in its infancy, and since there are many abstract ideas, I don’t see myself passing this responsibility off to just anyone as if it were a mere technical exercise.  I’d much rather do what I know I can do by contributing as I can with my research, encouragement and writings, than personally commit to too much and drop the ball.  (Again, details can be found here.)

See the alternative arrangement for bringing folks together to comment and interact here: our Boundless Abundance Lifestyles blog.  Be sure to visit the Boundless Abundance Lifestyles Community Page while you’re there.

We’ve also got Boundless Love – Power of Love and Boundless Abundance – Ever-Present Abundance, which also have commenting enabled.

I realize it is not typical for a blog-formatted site not to have comments or even a forum. I guess we can just consider this a resource website (not a blog) for individuals, with a community focus … which should be fine if it still serves its purpose. It’s so easy to forget that before everyone got into blogs and the Web 2.0 social networking craze, we all surfed the web simply for useful content and information.

Although I can’t really speak for the future, since life, situations and ideas evolve every day… for now, if the material is useful, I see no reason we can’t still follow along and join together in spirit first. At least then, if/when we ever do have IWannaGetFREE dialogue, whether on our sister site, Boundless Abundance Lifestyles or elsewhere, we’ll have had time to process the ideas as they relate to our daily lives, and possibly apply some of the ideas in ways that speak to us, thereby having a greater, more integrated perspective to contribute.

I hope you’ll find much comfort, light, inspiration and encouragement between these pages. If something is on your mind about the site/articles, please feel free to send me your feedback.

You are valued.  Thank you for being here. :)


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