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Purpose of the Partial Feed

If you’re used to reading RSS feeds, then like a lot of people (myself included) you probably enjoy the luxury of full feeds. With that in mind, I thought it appropriate to write this post to clarify as I do care about your preferences.

A couple of weeks ago, I changed the IWannaGetFree feed from full to partial. This was done with the IWannaGetFree community in mind. Since then, I got to thinking that it would probably be nice to keep you in the loop, and give you guys a bit of an understanding of why.

People learn and are motivated in various ways. Some folks are very visual. It has been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Others are more auditory. But whether a person is particularly auditory or not, it is said that “music soothes the savage soul.”

Motivation often comes through feelings.

Auditory and visual stimuli play a great part in stimulating learning, emotion and motivation for all people.

In order to reach a goal, we need to be able to see (or visualize) ourselves doing so. We need to believe that it can happen for us. We need to feel the motivation to make it happen. We need to hear the vision calling to us from within. We need to feel what we think it will feel like when the goal is finally achieved. Sometimes a picture can be a thousand words when it comes to getting into that feeling… or even simply inspiring hope enough to desire the goal enough to move toward it.

I Wanna Get Free – Heal Your Life is written with the purpose of helping inspire and heal people, families, communities, etc… For this reason, the IWannaGetFree web site layout was designed to provide audiovisual effects that inspire, encourage and motivate. It features images, soundbytes and text that speak of hope, freedom, ability and victory.

As discussed in Everything Begins in Mind, our energy creates the life we manifest around us. Our energy is filled with what we look at, pay attention to, and think about. Garbage in, garbage out. Good stuff in, good stuff out. Our lives become whatever we allow to pass through us and live in us.

This would include all that lives in our hearts and minds. This would include everything that we allow to enter through all the gates of our being. Our eye gates, our ear gates, our nose gates (the air we breathe and how we take it in) and our mouth gate (our food for our physical health and particularly our speech for the course of our lives).

What we give our attention to will increase in our lives.  For this reason, this site showcases instrumental books for the mind to feast on. It features positive images and posters for the eyes in order to raise the energy of the thoughts and to inspire.

I’m not sure where it originated, but a wise man I know says that “Repetition is the mother of learning.” Positive imagery, inspiration, and every good thing when repeated, builds and builds, filling one’s energy and choking out the lesser, more depressing energies and thoughts.

Thus repeated visits to the site should not only afford more opportunities to build oneself up and focus on knowing oneself and the light within, but it should also make IWGF feel more like a sort of home, an oasis of peace and guidance, a haven, a beacon of light, a place where people who want to see a better world come… which is what I hope these sites become.

For the ears, the IWGF site includes links to inspirational mp3 music clips, many of which I play regularly on my Zen MicroPhoto player as a meditation. The joy and sense of visionary hope inspired by many of these songs can be transformational.  They are very motivational, especially in weaker moments.  If these songs don’t do it for you, find yourself others that do (and drop me a note about them on the Contact Form – I might include them.)

I already had some of these songs on my player, but before I recently downloaded a lot more of them, I cannot tell you how much of a mood and energy lift I got from just playing the music on the Peace, Inspiration & Wisdom page while I was putting up the site. You can enjoy a continuous flow of inspirational music there.

There is also calming, relaxing instrumental music that soothes the mind and body using the musical scales, and some using subliminal suggestion. I have some of these at home and enjoy using them during my prayer and meditation time. They foster an atmosphere of serenity, relaxation and balanced centeredness.

In the spirit of community, there’s also the Recent Readers widget on the bottom of the left sidebar, so that people can see and catch up with others who may have similar interests.

The front Freedom page and other top menu pages tell a bit about of our vision and philosophy.  Since IWGF has little or no commenting, everyone would miss out on a significant portion of the “IWannaGetFree experience” if they merely scanned the feeds.

Hence the partial feed.

Thanks for understanding.

I hope you enjoy the site. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop me a note via the Contact Form.

Peace & Hope,


At IWGF, thoughts build on previous thoughts. Therefore, this site is meant to be read from the beginning, starting with the top menu page Home/Freedom and moving from the earliest post in the Archives forward.

Inspirational/Relaxing Music and Insightful Reading

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