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Knowing Truth Makes You Free

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”
(John 8:32)

Well if we wanna get free, I figured one of the first things it would make sense to talk about was knowing the truth.

Both truth and knowing come on many different levels. But it is the truth that we know that makes us free in whatever area of our lives.

How many times have you acted on mistaken information, or drawn conclusions and forged ahead to do something that ended up not being in your best interest, only to find out later on what the truth really was? The truth would have really come in handy then, wouldn’t it?

In a deeper sense, it is the Truth we know about God, ourselves, our world, and life in general, that will really make the difference for us in healing every area of our lives.

Anyway, please take a look at Truth Makes One Free. It’s a static page on this site. It will tell what we’re all about. Let that substitute for this post.

Have a wonderful day, and may peace, joy and love be yours.


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